12 Shocking Things Which Prove Our Economy is in Trouble

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President Barack Obama claims that our economy is growing.

But these warning signs suggest our economy is in trouble!

  • Industrial production has declined … 9 months in a row.
  • Delinquency rate on commercial and industrial loans has been increasing since January 2015.


  • U.S. bankruptcies are skyrocketing, surpassing previous years … 7 months in a row.

LFP Rate

  • The labor force participation is at its lowest since the Carter Administration. Millions have given up looking for work because of the excessive regulations and taxes cutting down work. Entrepreneurs with great ideas can’t start up their companies of the historic regulatory burdens and high taxes
  • U.S. Factory orders have been dropping for … 18 months in a row.
  • Business sales have been drop for … 18 months in a row.
  • The recession indicators and internal tracking mechanism in major banking and financial firms have sounded heavy alarms.
  • Federal and state tax receipts are dropping, which happens right before a recession.
  • Layoff notices at large corporations is 24% higher this year. Online job postings have declined considerably over the past six years.


  • The national debt has exploded. Barack Obama has increased the federal debt more in his term than all previous Presidents combined.
  • The number of temporary workers peaked last December, and has fallen dramatically in the past six months.
  • Foreign investors are dumping their stock in U.S. debt in record numbers, paying close attention to a flagging economy.
  • The socialist countries are in full panic and crisis mode. Riots in Venezuela clearly indicate how much the global economy is struggling.

How can we stop these massive downward trends in our economy?

It’s vital that we turn back unnecessary regulations and dramatically reduce the tax burden, which will raise wages and create new jobs.

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