12 Non-Negotiable Issues for Christians – Powerful TV Interview with Dr. Chaps [Video]

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I recently did an interview with Dr. Chaps on his national show, PIJN News.

This fast-paced, high-energy interview covers 12 non-negotiables for Christians. These are key criteria before any Christian should vote.

Plus, you’ll discover in the interview:

  • When the church shows up to vote…and when it doesn’t.
  • A Christian Worldview versus what?
  • New federal law that would destroy future election fairness and integrity.
  • How to vote for, not against, your values
  • Why voter ID is so necessary.
  • What is ballot harvesting? Why does it lead to voter fraud?
  • The war against Christians – Is it true?
  • Why the Equality Act will destroy religious freedom.
  • Abortion: Why it’s on the ballot…the fight for life
  • The difference between judicial activists and strict constructionists – why it matters.
  • How Christian voting can help and protect persecution of Christians worldwide
  • Israel – the Biden attack on Israel
  • Taxing the church – destroying the church

Click HERE to view the 28-minute video.

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