10 Sad Discoveries: Waste, Pork, and Socialist Corruption in the New Federal Pandemic Financial Crisis Legislation

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Special interest giveaways – the swamp – won millions of dollars while America suffered through the worst economic crisis in history.

People are suffering.

But the Democrat socialists held up the financial crisis legislation while playing their political games…

It’s sad… disgusting…what happens in D.C.

  • About 1/3 of the economy is destroyed… and more damage occurs daily.
  • The economic crisis has caused millions to fear, worry, and stress … resulting in increases in suicide, drug, and alcohol abuse.
  • Many businesses – especially small businesses – are going out of business forever.
  • Unemployment is shooting up 30 – 40%.
  • Many who saved for retirement saw their money crash – 30% of it gone.

That’s not even considering lost opportunities to discover new innovations, higher income and better jobs.

And it’s not even considering the loss of individual rights and freedoms.

Look at what was added to the financial stimulus bill that was totally unrelated to our economic problems:

  • $25 million to fix up the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.
  • $75 million for the pro-socialist Corporation for Public Broadcasting … including the biased National Public Radio.
  • $7.5 million for the Smithsonian Institution.
  • $200 million for the Institute of Museums and Library Services and the National Endowment of the Arts.
  • $88 million for the Peace Corps.
  • $250 million more for the IRS.
  • $10 billion for the postal service bailout. (Nancy Pelosi wants $40 billion more in the next phase of the stimulus package.)
  • $350 million to the State Department for migration and refugee assistance.
  • $400 million to the Election Assistance Commission – to make it easier to ballot harvest.
  • $30.8 million more for the Department of Education.

People can’t pay their bills. Businesses can’t pay their bills or their employees.

And Congress prints billions of dollars to spend on frivolous pork barrel projects.

Incidentally, our national debt increased from $10 trillion in 2008 to $19.6 trillion in 2016 … to over $23 billion in 2020.

In the next issue of the Huey Report we will look at what’s yet to come…

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  1. Thank you for your hard work on all this. It’s an eye opener. Please keep doing the fact finding because it’s buried and we can’t find all this valuable information

  2. I concur with what you found except one…can you confirm the $10 billion bailout for the Postal Service. I am a letter carrier & we were told that that did not appear on the final draft. On top of that there is already bi-partisan legislation called the Postal Fairness Act that would stop this further USPS pre-funding for retirement that is the main reason we’ve been in the red. No other company does this so why did Congress create this present problem. Thanks in advance for your cooperation on this & have a blessed weekend.

  3. Although I think that Trump has done a good job generally running the country he has failed to bring spending under control, Which is quickly destroying American.
    Democratic politicians accelerate the destruction of America while Republicans in office only slow down the destruction but never reverse the downward spiral

  4. Thank you for all of your efforts in sorting this all out.
    We sure know how to vote again if we ever get a chance again.

  5. At this point the nearest don’t know if we’ll ever get out of this plandemic-lockdown; they’re moving so dramatically toward and Agenda 21 style future that they’ll be hard-pressed to give it up.

    But meanwhile, the information you provide is so important, and God bless you for providing it!!

  6. Some of the Kennedy Center money was supposed to be earmarked to keep the staff paid and since then it has been reported that the day after the bill was signed many on the staff were laid off so what is the money being used for?
    I attend many theatrical performances and don’t think any of them should be subsidized by the government. I participate in other activities that are not enjoyed by everyone that have funding issues but I would never ask my fellow taxpayers to subsidize them.
    Last why do we support PBS and NPR which are just liberalpropaganda outlets

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