Implement Voter Verification Now and Demand All 50 States Require Voter ID


The U.S. Constitution says that the government must protect the fundamental rights of its citizens and guarantee a fair election.

Voter misrepresentation is a very dangerous reality in the United States today.

In many states, illegal aliens can easily register to vote, using their driver’s licenses. In fact, there are an estimated 2 million illegal residents registered to vote in America.

That means that people who live here unlawfully have a say in who runs our country.

Every time a false vote is cast, your voice as an American is suppressed.

Duplicate votes and “dead voters” also have an impact on our elections. Votes are tweaked and manipulated by double registrations and people who vote for the deceased.

The lack of a voter verification system is a mockery of your right to choose a candidate who will uphold your principles and beliefs.

The solution to improving Voter honesty is stricter voter ID laws.

Showing proof of voter eligibility with a voter ID does not deny a person the right to vote, nor does it discriminate against any person.

Right now, 34% of states have no voter ID requirement, 24% have non-strict, non-photo voter ID laws, 20% have non-strict, photo voter ID laws, 6% have strict, non-photo ID laws, and only 16% have strict photo ID laws.

Protecting the integrity of our electoral process is essential to having a democracy.

We need to demand that all voters must present valid photo identification at polls in all 50 states.

Together, let’s STOP the potential for Voter Fraud in this nation.

Make your voice heard and urge Congress to enforce stricter voter ID laws.

Sign the petition below.


I want to sign and share this urgent petition to ensure Voter ID's are required to guarantee a fair election.