Stop Joe Biden's Mandates from Harming Your Children's Health


Mask mandates are just one example. Masks ARE Proven Physical and Psychological Harm

  • Children surrounded by masks don't learn facial expressions
  • Continued masking is making children fear their classmates
  • Wearing a mask longer than four hours a day decreases cognitive precision
  • Medical masks raise carbon dioxide levels in the blood
  • Medical masks lower children’s oxygen levels in the blood
  • Masking suppresses the immune system by lowering arterial oxygen
  • Physical activity with a masks amplifies all negative effects
  • Chemicals found in face masks are toxic to children
  • Masks collect and colonize viruses, bacteria, microbes and mold
  • Masks increase viral load and increase severity of illness

President Biden happily announced new rules for public schools including  a requirement that all students and staff wear masks while indoors.  What's Next?  Vaccines?

The CDC and the White House team up to mask up the kids! ... next they will mandate experimental vaccines

The new rules angered even MORE parents who say the mask requirement will continue to stress children who already saw two school years upended by remote learning and missed milestones like proms, sports, concerts and graduations.


I want to sign and share this urgent petition to tell President Biden and the CDC that we refuse to have our children's health harmed through ridiculous overreaching mandates. We must unite together to stamp this out before these actions become more widespread.