Demand Congress Restructure the Corrupt FBI and Stop their Abuse of Power!

This petition asks Congress to investigate and hold accountable all the corrupt officials in the FBI and restructure the organization.

The FBI has been corrupted and compromised. It’s become a politicized weapon of the Biden Administration, the socialist Democrats, and the Deep State, abusing its power and interfering with elections.

America’s top law enforcement agency is beset by abuse, misallocation of resources, and retaliatory conduct. It even used taxpayer resources to censor opposition opinion with Big Tech.

Former FBI Director, James Comey

Former FBI Director, James Comey

They have abused their power and are mired in corruption. Here are the most recent examples of their abuse of power:

  • They have lied and misled judges to get FISA warrants against Former President Trump and other citizens.
  • Agents have confiscated from ordinary citizens over $86 million in cash and valuables not listed on their warrant.
  • They spied on Trump’s campaign based on intelligence they knew was false.
  • They helped create and perpetuate the “Russian Collusion” narrative.
  • They failed to investigate Hillary Clinton, basically letting her off the hook for her crimes.
  • They lied and said the Hunter Biden Laptop was “Russian Disinformation” — which affected a presidential election.
  • They colluded with Big Tech to de-platform, attack, and discredit Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Christians, and anyone they disagreed with.
  • They’ve gone after ordinary parents trying to protect their kids, labeling them as “domestic terrorists.”
  • They’ve conducted over 3 million searches on Americans’ personal electronic messages and data without a warrant.
  • Investigated 138 people who attended Trumps Washington, DC rally, even though they were not at the Capitol and didn’t commit any crimes, classifying their appearance at the rally as being involved in “incidents of domestic violent extremism.”
  • Labeled Catholics and Christians “religious extremists” and placed informants in various churches to monitor what the pastors were saying.
  • Buried investigation into Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.
  • Arrested pro-life activists.

These are just a few examples of why the FBI needs to be restructured and reformed.

Make your voice heard and urge Congress to restructure the FBI—It's the only way to stop this abuse of power.

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I want to sign this urgent petition to tell congress to investigate and hold accountable corrupt FBI officials and restructure the FBI. We must unite to stamp out this corruption and abuse of power. 

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