Stop the "Equality Act" From Turning Biblical Morality into "Hate"

SAY NO TO THE "Equality Act"

Congress is about to vote on a new law that violates the conscience of all those who believe in a Biblical worldview by turning those beliefs into “hate” crimes. The bill has passed the House and is now before the Senate. 

The Equality Act could result in:

  • Multiple frivolous lawsuit
  • Forced education of pro-transgender, homosexual/lesbian sexual values in private and Christian schools, as well as public schools.
  • Criminalization of parents who teach traditional values to their children
  • Allowing children to get sex-change operations without parental consent
  • Making doctors prescribe hormone blockers, even if they disagree
  • Compelling churches and Christian camps to perform same-sex weddings
  • And more ...
Women sprinters are running

Men would be able to compete in women's sports like track

Hollywood & Big Tech is Backing the Equality Act

Please, help stop this horrific legislation from becoming federal law.

It has already passed in the House. Hollywood stars and musicians and over 160 corporations such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, IBM and more are supporting this bill.

A huge, organized and well-formed effort is now underway to convince and force targeted Republican senators to support it, so it will also pass in the Senate.
Your help is needed now to show opposition to this bill. 

Sign below to take a stand for truth and freedom.


I want to sign and share this urgent petition to tell Congress, Hollywood, and Big Tech, like Microsoft and Google, that we refuse to accept this horrific legislation. We must unite together to stamp this out before these actions become more widespread.