Historic Supreme Court Victory: No “Right” to Abortion – 7 Things Everyone Should Know

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The Supreme Court just ruled there is no constitutional “right” to Abortion. Wow! The infamous… and unconstitutional… Roe v. Wade was just overturned. I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime. I thank God for this… and all those who have been working and praying for this outcome. The rule of law and the Constitution – was just protected… …

Internet Explodes as Teen Influencer with 26 Million Followers Declares that Abortion Kills

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Naim Darrechi is only 19. He is a musician, and he is a Spanish Tik-Tok influencer. In fact, he’s one of the largest with 26 million followers. They shook up his followers and the Internet with a powerful statement: “An abortion is interrupting a life,” Darrechi said on video, addressing his 26 million followers. “When a woman is pregnant, if …

Shocking Planned Parenthood Ad: “She Deserves to Be a Choice” Means She Deserves to Be Killed [Videos]

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A short video of a live baby girl – smiling and giggling … with a lullaby playing softly in the background – is interrupted three times by a black screen with white text: “She deserves to be … loved.” “She deserves to be … wanted.” “She deserves to be … a choice.” The implication is unmistakable: she deserves to be …

Trump’s Women’s March #2: For Life [Video]

Trump’s Women’s March #2: For Life [Video]

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The last 12 years have seen an expansion of pro-abortion policies. But now, with the Trump Administration, there is renewed hope for the Pro-Life Movement. On Friday, hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington DC for the 44th March for Life. President Trump tweeted: The #MarchForLife is so important. To all of you marching — you have my full support! — …

Christian Persecution on the Rise [Petition]

Christian Persecution on the Rise [Petition]

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Christians are being slaughtered. Families torn apart. Fathers killed. Mothers raped, and children forced to watch these barbaric acts right front of them! It’s turning into a daily occurrence in our world. Today, 75% of the world’s population suffers without religious freedom. And Christians are particularly targeted! Systematic mass-murder of Christians is becoming the norm. In one year alone 2,400 …

The Twelve Great Evils of the Obama Administration

The Twelve Great Evils of the Obama Administration

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When you vote November 8th, consider the 12 evil legacies of the Obama Administration. And vote for the candidate whom you believe will be able to reverse these disasters. $20 Trillion in national debt (up by $12 trillion in 8 years) Obamacare—The socialization of medicine in America: Higher premiums Higher deductibles Less choice and competition The destruction of medical innovation …

Election 2016: 3 Critical Questions Asked in the Final President Debate: What Every Voter Should Know

2 Critical Questions Asked in the Final President Debate

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The third and final debate of the 2016 Presidential Election was perhaps Donald Trump’s best performance and Hillary Clinton’s worst performance. Chris Wallace gave good and fair treatment of hard questions for both candidates. Unlike the first two, which were biased against Trump and favored Hillary Clinton. In the hour and half debate, these three issues were key to many voters: …

Where do the Candidates Stand on Life/Abortion?

Where do the Candidates Stand on Life/Abortion?

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Where do the Presidential candidates stand on life and abortion? The differences between the two major party candidates could not be more stark: Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Obamacare should pay for abortion Yes No Life begins at Conception No Yes Taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood Yes Yes (but not for abortion) Partial Birth Abortion Yes No What  is partial birth …