Britain’s Exit from the European Economic Union is Good for You and Your Family: 7 Reasons Why

Britain’s Exit from the European Economic Union is Good for You and Your Family: 7 Reasons Why

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The British people have spoken. They have voted to leave the socialist and highly autocratic European Economic Community.

The global stock markets took a hit and pound dropped in value.

But this exit will be good for everyone, because what helps Britain helps all of us.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Britain is escaping the EU’s excessive regulations, high taxes, unsustainable debt … and anemic economic growth.

2. Great Britain has been unable to control its borders because of EU policies. The migrant crisis across Europe has further endangered the lives of millions. Terrorist attacks have only grown worse. By leaving the EU, Britons can control their borders will protect their inhabitants.

3. Europe Commissions and courts have been overruling the British parliament. British voters will now have more control over their own government and laws.

4. European Courts were overruling British judges. These outrageous rulings have allowed criminals to get away with their crimes.

5. The European parliament—and thus European voters—were becoming less relevant as unelected bureaucrats are making more decisions and taking away decision-making and democratic power from the EU’s member states.

6. British taxpayers will no longer be on the hook for paying out massive bailouts to weak EU members like Greece and Portugal. They won’t send billions of their tax-dollars to an ineffective bureaucracy, either.

7. In a sudden shock to the growing globalist movement, the British Referendum to leave shows that the citizens have the power over their governments.

What should the United States to benefit from the Brexit?

They should move to advance free-trade agreements with Great Britain. Both countries would benefit and create new jobs and opportunity.

The United States should also follow Great Britain’s example and break away from other burdensome costly international arrangements, like the United States and the International Monetary Fund. Imagine the immense savings for American taxpayers.

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